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Astrology Party



What is astrology and why do we study it?

Learn your “big three”, - Sun, Moon, and Rising sign

Learn to love yourself and your partner, Venus’s sign.

The astrology party offers you and your guests an exciting new experience that will leave us all with fond memories and interesting stories. The encounter will include laughter, learning, teaching, bonding, togetherness and even the odd eye roll will all be a part of the journey.

Astrology, either in person or online, will make you the center of attention among your friends. We can meet visually via zoom, facetime, or phone if time or distance is an issue. Guests are encouraged to take part, ask as many questions as they want, and have as much fun as they can. Let awesomeness guide us, silly bees.

The Glamour Houses


Learn how to make the most money in the 2nd house, as well as your emotions toward money, finances, the concept of value or self-worth, and material possessions.


5th house (house of good fortune, the luck of Venus) Romance, affairs, one-night stands, creativity, fun, and play. This is the domain of pleasure and all that makes you happy.


6th house (bad luck house) daily routine, diseases, servitude, health, fitness, diet, wellness, jobs, and how you interact with coworkers.


7th house Marriage, partners, relationships, business partnerships, legal contracts, and open enemies.


10th house Midheaven & Career House – public image, professional aspiration, career achievements; social standing, and family legacy or roots things passed down generationally, such as goals.


11th house ("Jupiter's joy & the house of good spirit") where you are in society, community, groups, friends, colleagues, social circles, humanitarian, manifestation, dreams, hopes, and wishes, as well as the reception you receive from the rest of the world.


Unknown enemies, secrets, karma, isolation, suffering, reckoning, psychic ability, psychological fears, and evolution are all characteristics of the 12th house. This is the unconscious residence.


Various types of Natal Parties

Proms, Graduations; Ceremonies


Meetings of coworkers

University and College Events

Corporate Functions

Parties for Family and Friends

Special Events for Ladies Night or Ladies Trip

Guys Night or Trip

Baby Showers

Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

Dinner Parties


And, if you're feeling down or bored, give it a shot

Book your astrology party today!

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