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Moon Stages

1-1 Astrological Counselling

Relationship counselling: Moon, Sun, Rising and Venus sign

· Learn how to best love yourself and others, as well as how to best give and receive love. Happiness, bliss, partners, relationships, and marriage are all things we understand and don't understand, but we all experience them in some way; thus, a better understanding of these things can help to solve life's challenges.

Financial counselling - 2nd, 7th, 8th and 10th house

· Gain knowledge about personal finances and your concept of value. 2nd house governs not only money but also your emotions, which we all have. Discover who you work best with professionally, how other people's money affects you and your career path.

Stop and listen to gossip, learn what they say, and be aware of open and hidden enemies 7th and 12th house counselling

· Words reveal people's identities. Friendships and romantic relationships that have failed will be revealed, as open, known and unknown enemies or rivals, too. Your secret enemies may be obsessed with you.

Health counselling: 1st and 6th house

· Create the best daily routine for you, including what to eat, how to exercise, and how to embrace, understand, and accept your body.

Counselling for your dreams coming true in the 11th house of hopes, wishes and manifestations

· Jupiter's joy in the 11th house represents a commitment to a group or philosophy, a way of being and existing for the betterment of oneself and humanity.

Psychic development – 4th, 8th and 12th house and water placement

· Water is deep and intuitive, capable of seeing what is hidden in the subconscious. Psychic abilities, intuition, and emotional depth will be enhanced. We will work together to learn how to access your sensitivity and psychic abilities

Spiritual counselling: 3rd and 9th house

· Come to know about divine feminine spirituality and how to love the divine feminine in all of her forms with the help of this temple. Understand how to use your "Moon Goddess" energy to empower yourself by establishing a relationship with you.

· If witch like things make your nose twitch, know how to use your magic, divine ability, and what your dreams mean to you

· 9th house of the heavens, the sky, and philosophy introduces you to your beneficial wisdom and how to best experience yourself, life, others, and the world around you and not around you.

Past life and destiny counselling north and south node

· Your life purpose is encoded by the north and south nodes. They tell the story of fate and destiny in this life and previous lives (North Node) (South Node).The north node represents our karmic paths, as well as the lessons we came here to learn and the language we are learning. The south node reveals previous lives, as well as the challenges and gifts they bring us.

Moon sign, family, and emotional counselling in 4th house

· Explore how you mother, how you were mothered, your emotional depths, how you react to your feelings, including how to deal with others' emotions, and how you will be cared for. Investigate how to enhance your intuitive motherly love, generosity, compassion, gratitude, imagination, memory, power, strength, intuition, emotions, and magic.

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