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Goals and Results


After losing 100 pounds, I gained confidence but importantly the tools to improve the quality of my life. With plans tailored to your specific needs, I assist clients in achieving their own desired results. My goal is to make you feel better about yourself and more confident in your body, all while improving your relationship with food and fitness. We will examine your current situation and devise goals to move you toward the new you. You will be given the tools you need to make this journey a success.


The Inner You System

Each step will include 3, 30-minute sessions. 


Step 1 - Acceptance of You: Accept that the way you're living right now isn't working. At this stage, self-reflection, honesty, empathy, and compassion are important because it may be difficult to accept certain aspects of yourself. As a result, one's self-esteem has increased. This stage promotes self-awareness.


Stage 2 - Discovery of You: What are your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in response to your triggers? What are your preferences when it comes to food, beverages, and exercise? This keeps you focused and motivated while also assisting you in overcoming fear and worry. 


Step 3 - Building Your Resources: I show you how to create a supportive network to ensure that you end up in a good place both now and in the future.


Step 4 - Beginning Your New You: Action plan; brainstorming ideas and developing strategies so that you will know exactly what to do next no matter which path you take. You will have successes and failures along the way. It is critical to remember that both are essential. Success breeds confidence, security, and a general sense of well-being. Failure, on the other hand, informs you of where you went wrong, where you still need to work, and what you need to work on. It provides you with more information. At the conclustion of this stage, we will create a meal and workout plan for the new you. 

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